A new packaging and deployment tool

With the release of Continuum XFP #35 comes a new version of our Meteor tool. If you’ve ever patched your Jadu installation then you will have used Meteor, our packaging and deployment tool.

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Why XFP’s New Form Builder will change the way you build forms

Working alongside Adam, our team’s Product Designer, I’ve spent the last few weeks bringing the first mockups of the new form builder to life.

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Designing the New XFP Form Builder: First Steps

As Product Designer for the XFP team, it’s my job to ensure every aspect of our software is as user-friendly as it can be. Since joining the team at the beginning of the year, we’ve been heavily focused on making the software you use every day much easier

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Role on!

Continuum is a flexible and extensive platform packed with features, tools and modules but this new update to the control centre, to make your lives easier, is one we think you’ll be particularly pleased about.

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Changes to data retention in XFP

The XFP team here at Jadu HQ have been working hard behind the scenes to improve the way submitted data is stored in forms making sure that you, as users, only keep hold of it for as long as you need to.

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Creating a better experience for developers

We've been working on making developers and systems administrators lives easier over the last few weeks and we’ve focused on creating a new, improved way to set up a new installation of Jadu Continuum Platform and configuring settings.

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Changed the game, again.

The team shipped a small feature in an iterative release of Jadu Continuum XFP - the Digital Forms solution by Jadu and it's what we in the team call a 'Butterflies and Hurricanes' moment.

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A new year, and a fresh new look for the Continuum Platform

Hot on the heels of the regenerated Jadu branding is a fresh new look for your Continuum software which includes our brand new navigation component, marking the biggest UI change that I’ve certainly ever seen in the Jadu platform since, well, ever?

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Changes at Jadu - we're regenerating!

Jadu has a new brand and we've launched a specialist, stand-alone digital services agency called 'Spacecraft Digital'. We're also unveiling a new CRM system - called Jadu CXM.

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How we’re using browser data to improve the Continuum platform

We recently added the automated collection of browser statistics to the Continuum CMS product and started to use the data to guide the development of the Pulsar User Interface and improve the experience of the Continuum Platform.

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